Sandra Oliver

Fearless Daily Planner creates a foundation to re-write your personal narratives and beliefs, creating a more authentic self.
Fearless 2018 Daily Planner is based on a short story Coach Sandra wrote over a year ago called Fearless. Out of this creation, came the realization that fear can hold us back from living a fulfilling life. 

Dear Friend Letters Volume 1 and Volume 11 are a must read. They resonate with good common sense and spirituality. A wonderful guide for one's life journey. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

~ Susan

This is a great way to start each day,especially if you need inspiration or have trouble setting goals & staying on track. Sandra's Fearless planner helps you with all of this!

The Dear Friend Letters books are written as a commentary on life, giving a loving and compassionate voice to the struggles within us. Each letter captures and releases the burdens we hide deep in our souls, creating a powerful catalyst for initiating change on the deepest level. Dear Friend Letters can be read from cover to cover, or you can pick it up and read a letter to inspire and motivate your daily thoughts. Open yourself to receive, and discover, Dear Friend, that you are never truly alone.

I really enjoy this wise little book and find myself reading it over and over. On any given day I open to a page and read the message which is always relevant to what I am going through. It's nice to have a tool to support your journey that is viable and flexible.


Just got my mine and I cannot wait to begin using it. It is wonderful. I highly recommend this planner.
~ Barbara

Author, Coach, Speaker