I am fearless. All of my doubts and fears are behind me in the rear view mirror - I am no longer powerless, my destiny belongs to me and my happiness lives in my heart.

I am fearless. I know that life is rich with opportunity; I no longer deny my authentic self. I may fall, but I am no longer afraid to stand up again with fire in my eyes and accept of my worth.

I am fearless. I have grown and flown into a new limitless sky, my transformation complete.

"I have chosen to use my work as a reflection of my own values."     

~ Sidney Poitier

Motivational Speaker & Leadership Coach

Sandra O Coaching

Sandra has a unique ability to channel otherwise inexpressible humanness into tangible words and actions for her clients. 

She gives a fresh and compassionate voice to the struggles within us, while creating a portal for personal growth and healing. 

Her coaching style creates a powerful catalyst for initiating change and transformation on the deepest level.

 Sandra O. is the celebrated author of Fearless and Dear Friend Letters, capturing and releasing the burdens we hide in our souls in such a way that we feel validated and understood.  

About Sandra Oliver

Sandra is a powerful catalyst for personal transformation.  

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